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Getting around Anglesey

Anglesey is easy to get around, and there are many quiet back roads with little traffic. Snowdonia is less than an hour’s drive away, so that day trips to Snowdon from Anglesey Escapes cottages are very easy to make.

The island is just 25 miles from east to west, and 20 miles from north to south – large enough to explore, but small enough to get to know. The terrain makes for really enjoyable walking, and you can choose an easy or demanding walk according to your mood. There are OS maps in all our cottages for you to use during your stay.
By Road
There’s one main road (the A55) across the island linking the mainland crossings with Holyhead, where the ferries to Ireland depart. This is now a fast, modern road, so that it mops up all the freight traffic.

The island is connected with the mainland by two bridges, both of which are engineering masterpieces. Telford’s great suspension bridge takes the old London road, while Stephenson’s astounding tubular bridge combines road and rail in one magnificent structure.

By Rail

The main line from Holyhead to Chester runs across the south of Anglesey, with local trains connecting the smaller stations.

By Bus

There is a good network of local buses across the island. You can find a selection of timetables in each of the cottages.

By Air

Anglesey boasts its own airport, although the list of destinations served isn’t great. In fact, the only place you can fly to and from is Cardiff – but it’s a start!


Cycling is generally safe and enjoyable on Anglesey. You can hire bikes on the island and we have bikes for guests’ use in some of our cottages – just ask when you’re booking.